I feel relieved.
After a long time and a lot of struggling, we’re ready to announce we’ve a new Malleus store.
You can’t even imagine how much we had to fight to make it happen, to have it ready again.
It’ll be on line starting this friday 7th of February.
And to make You happy too, we decided to re-open it with a nice present.
From friday to sunday included, using the coupon “WEAREBACK”, You’ll have a 15% discount on everything You’ll buy.
It’ll work only if You’ll log in.
So, be ready for the new store!
And stay tuned cause we’ll tell You where to find the store on friday, on our website, instagram, facebook, twitter… all these horrible things we’ve to deal with in our lives…

But… friday is not only the day we’ll have the store out again.
It’s also the day our band Ufomammut will have its 15 years birthday.
Damn, we’re getting very old.
I know, it’s like we’re in a teenage period as a band… but seeing our beards getting grey…
Anyway, let’s be happy.
We’ll have a gig for celebrate our 15 years here in Italy.
At Bloom, in Mezzago, close to Milano.
And we’ve printed the Magickal Mastery tour poster for the event.
This design merges all the covers of the ufomammut’s discography in one single drawing.
It’s a 6 colors on 5 screens poster.
On black paper.
120 pieces limited edition.



We started with a metallic silver ink.


Then we needed a white color for stars and skulls.


Then gold metallic ink and a shade from iridescent blu to iridescent silver



Last color has been a red ink.



We decided to put only the name of the band and the number 15.
Check the image below:-)


And this is the final design.


And of course, this print will be on sale on friday at the show and on our webstore!
The brand new one:-)

Need to watch this

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