Monster Magnet

We’ve finished the printing process of the first poster of the year.
It’s for Monster Magnet, for their gig in Germany on the 9th of February.
It’s been a difficult process cause we’ve had to fight against a lot of bad luck while it was growing.
First of all, as You’ve probably noticed…, we moved our website on a new hosting and it took a little time to have quite everything working good again.
We’re still working like hell on a new store and it’ll be ready soon.
Then, our Epson 3000, our beloved printer we’ve used for all these years to print our films, left us.
So we had to find a new one and it took a little time to learn how to make it work good.
Then we’ve had to move on with a lot of other works (book covers, other poster designs, t-shirts and more) but, at the end, we did it.
So, we’re very happy to be able to show You some more pics of the Monster Magnet printing process.


A pink color was what we needed after the gold ink.
It had to be a little transparent to have the pattern below coming out.

Then we needed to create an effect we’ve never experimented before.
We wanted to have a layer that could be a shadow or a light depending on how You move the paper.
Let me explain…
As You can see in the picture here below, we worked out an area on the skin, drawn like a shadow.


But we used a gold translucent ink, so we have a very particular effect.
The gold can be a light, but, depending on how You look the paper, it can also be a shadow.


It’s almost impossible to capture this effect on a picture… You need to see it live.


Then we printed a black ink (I forgot to take pics…but there’s something on our instagram profile) and finally a silver layer on top.


This last one is a sacred triangle coming out of the head of the woman (like a third eye vision) and a “bull shaped” smoke coming out of the circle.




Finally, we worked out a variant of this print too.
A very limited 34 pieces poster on grey rough paper.



By the way, the regular serie is numbered to 130 pieces.
115 will be on sale at Karlsruhe.
Only a few on our site together with a few variants.

Stay tuned for more, we’re already printing another poster for this friday!

A little disappointed by American Horror story Coven (it’s been good till the half, then…)
Let’s laugh with this…

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