While fighting against the terrible world of internet… mostly with the incredibly difficult world of programming and such… we’re happy to announce that, at least, our website is up again.
Hope we’ll have a store up and running soon too, just need to find out the time to work on it, but considering the weather sucks here right now (we’ve snow and it’s really cold…), I think we’ll manage a wwweekend of setting up things…
In the meantime,  we’re finishing the printing process of the first poster of this 2014.
It’s a Monster Magnet poster for their gig on the 9th of February in Germany, in Karlsruhe.
If You follow us on Instagram, You surely noticed we’ve already done the black ink, but I can tell You it’s not the last one.
The poster is a 6 color one and it’s coming out very cool.
The regular version will be on green paper and then there’ll be a variant on grey sheets.
Today I wanna show You the first 2 colors.

First one is a gold ink.
We’ve used a rough green paper.


Then red!



It’s not difficult to imagine the final design, even if the last color will give this print a very special touch.
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Watching American Horror Story Coven.
After being blown away from Breaking Bad, this serie seems to be very very cool!

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