It’s about a week we’re fighting against php.
MySQL has tried to kill us but we survived.
Not to talk about DNS, one of our painful enemy this days!
We’ve been attacked on all fronts from these unknown entities, they tried to knock us out, but we’ve been strong and we’re still fighting…
Just to tell You we’ll hopefully be back soon with our website and shop.
Don’t know if You noticed but our site and store are down for what we could call maintenance.
We could also easily call it “nightmare”…
We decided to change hosting and server  and it’s getting a pain in the ass to have our website running again.
But we’ll make it.
Then, little by little we’ll work on a new one.
So, don’t worry if You think the net is so empty without our website… we’ll be back, we’ll be back.
Stop crying, it’s only a website. html pages (the worst written too… probably).
In the meantime, between a php and a dns fight, we’re printing new stuff and we’ll show You some pics very very soon!


Watched “The secret life of Walter Mitty”.
Nice, I like Ben Stiller a lot.
Except when he got beard…

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