Yes, it’s true.
I’ve been very lazy in the last weeks and I left the blog behind.
Not that we’ve been here sleeping, but time has been taken by different things and I didn’t feel in the right mood to write.
Always raining and lots of things to do, so bloggin’ was always the last thought…
We spent the last weeks on new works, a movie poster we’ll announce soon and some gigposters.
Then cover for a book, packing posters and stuff, changing our web hosting and then music.
A lot of music, lately.
This 2014 will see Ufomammut’s 15 years birthday.
Growing old, isn’t it?
We’ve plans for this year for the band too, so, if interested, stay tuned.
Anyway, back to our beloved Malleus.
We’re working on some posters (Monster Magnet, Desert Fest, Ulver and more to announce) and a movie poster.
The Desert fest one is already designed and we’ll need to print it in the next weeks.
It’s for the festival that will take place from the 25th to the 27th of April in London.


Then we’re working on pencils and ink for the other ones:-)



Just stay tuned!

Watched Dallas Buyers Club.
Very cool.

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