The new year arrived.
Almost a week ago.
Looking forward to be out of all these holidays, don’t like them that much, they make me confused, one day You work, then the one after you’re at home with all your relatives eating like there’s not a future coming…
Then again working and… BAM! The year is over…
And let’s eat again like there’s not a tomorrow…
Oh my god, stop it.
Need to be back to everyday life, when there’s nothing to celebrate.
Just drawing, printing and create new stuff.
And a lot of new prints will come very soon.
This new year seems to be interesting, so, keep an eye at this nice blog to see the upcoming projects in the next days.
We’ve finished to pack all the orders left (the Flora ones) and we’re sending all out tomorrow.
We know there’re some tubes still on the road, another reason why I hate holidays… delays and delays.

Moreover, we’re taking names for the 2014 malleus subscriptions.
It’ll be an interesting one, including a lot of stuff, from posters to possible books, calendars, tees, cards, everything we’ll do.
Check more HERE.


Looking forward to start in printing the new stuff coming.
Have a great new year, ok?


Watched “KISSES”, very nice.

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