Flora is done

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re really really excited to show You our last print for this 2013.
It had to be an 11 colors, but we had to add a 12th one cause the skin of Flora looked a little weak and it was not cool.
So, now we’re speaking of a 12 inks silkscreen, limited to 71 pieces, all numbered and signed by Your beloved trio from the little Country called Italy.
But let’s go in order.
The eight ink we used has been a metallic green.
It went on blue shade and red creating a lot of great effects (like the shadows in the grass and leaves and moss covered trees).



Then we moved on with a silver ink.



We had to check the black film to see everything was perfect and we enlarged a few lines.
But I must say we did a great job, cause at the end, You’ll see, the prints came out almost perfect!



While printing black we noticed the pink color (like i said above), was a little weak.
We decided to overprint an iridescent pink and it came out gorgeous!
Then we worked on the 11th color: black ink!


And last touch has been an iridescent blue ink on the water to give an idea of depth to the little lake.




Isn’t it cool?


And here above You can see the sparkling of the skin, it’s something looking magic, good effect.


After a week of printing, we’re happy and proud to show You “Flora”.
Hope You’ll like it, let us know Your thoughts and remember it’ll go on sale on our webstore on the 27th of december!
Stay tuned
Watched “Broken Flowers”!

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