New squeege

We’re quickly going to Xmas, like every year we’ll spend these days thinking about an image of Santa Claus doing silly things, for sending our best wishes to our friends around the world.
Apart from loosing our brains after a very famous beardy man (no, no… I mean Santa, not Chuck Norris…), we’ve started the printing process of the last poster of the year.
It’ll be an art print of one of our favorite illustrations we did several years ago for MTV italy and that we’ll show You in the next days.


This is a screenshot, don’t know if You remember it.
Today we worked on the first 2 colors (it’ll be a 10 inks print!) with a brand new squeege.
I know, it’s a little nerd, but it’s cool when we’ve a new toy to play with.
Nothing that special, but it’s been cool to see it works good.
And it’s great for doing shades, that is what we realized today, from light metallic to dark blu.
Check here below.


As You can see it’s a very clean squeege.
And a very cool shade.



Hope You’ll be curious enough to follow us in the next days and see how this print will come out.
Stay tuned!!!


Watched Virgina.
Very nice movie and wonderful Jennifer Connelly.

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