High on Fire

Do You remember when the most incredible animations on websites were animated gifs?
It was years ago, before the introduction of flash animations, before internet at its best, when it was a little more “analogic”.
I must say animated gifs still have their appeal, You could stay for our looking at them repeating without an ending…
It’s a sort of infinite touch…
Don’t know, it’s like the first video games, so simple but so great.
Think about “Asteroid”… play with it now, it’s so difficult  You could loose Your mind with it, playing for hours.
It’s drug.
Same with gifs, so simple but so nice.
I know You’ll think “something is wrong at Malleus’ headquarter… the inks they use probably are radioactive…”.
Don’t worry, it was just to introduce a brand new poster and I want to present it to You using animated gifs.
Old school today!
We’ve just realized a 3 colors + sparkling glitter ink print.
It’s on cream paper and it’ll be on sale at the High On Fire gig in Calgary on the 5th of december.
Limited edition of about 120 pieces (need to count them, sorry… memory like a fish, I know…)
But don’t waste time and let’s go with the animated gifs.
First one is to show You the first colour: gold ink


Second ink has been a red one.
And another animation!


Then, for the third incredible animation, we’ve a black ink.


I think that 3 animations are enough… more could cause nausea.
So, let’s go on with simple jpegs.
I really hope You’ll like the image, we think it’s very very cool, really like the idea of the “giant cat” looking through this castle window and the other frighten cat looking back at it… and what if it was the same thing, a reflection? Well, send us Your ideas, I’d really love to read what You see in this print.


The last colour is a sparkling gold glitter color on the eye of the feline.



And there’s a fire in its pupil.
Here below a jpeg of the print.
Hope You’ll like this print.
It’ll be on sale on the 6th of december on our webstore!
Have a good night!

Watched “Violet & Daisy”.
Very nice

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