Friday’s approaching

Well, first of all I must say we’re all very happy here at Malleus headquarter.
A few weeks ago our coffee machine broke.
You can imagine what happened for three italian guys, used to drink more coffee then water.
Well, thinking about it,  probably italians have coffee instead of blood… :-)
Anyway, after some weeks of sadness, we’ve received our new coffee machine and we’re back to drink a lot of our favorite nectar.
A little more nervous maybe, but it’s the price to pay…
In the meantime we’re printing a lot in this period and You’ll discover why from next week.
And we’re also working on other plans.
We’ve an High on Fire poster for december coming, then some illustrations and a book idea.
Yes, you read it right, a book idea.
But, like it’s written above, it’s just an idea for now.
We’ll need time to develop it.
In the meantime, the exibithion at the “Casa dell’architettura” in Roma has been a success.
We’re very happy (on one side) about it but a little sad (on the other one) cause we didn’t make it to attend it.
Here are a few pics.







Hope to come to Roma very soon!
Last thing for today is to announce that Friday is coming and it’ll be a “black one”.
Like last year we’re offering all of our prints with a 20% off during the 29th of November.
So, if You’re looking for some posters and You think it’s too expensive, if You want to save some euro, dollars, yen, rupiah, zloty, won or whatever… friday is Your day to visit our webstore!


And please, remember that if You like our music productions too, we’ll have the same discount on our records and merch at Supernatural Cat!
Have a goooood night.
And drink more coffee!!!

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  1. Can we see the new machine?

  2. The book idea sounds interesting, I’d love to see your work in a book! :)

  3. So what coffee maker did you get?

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