We’re very happy and proud to announce that we’ve realized an illustration to support the Greenpeace campaign to free the Arctic 30.
As You probably know (and if not, please go here), 28 Greenpeace activists, a freelance photographer and a freelance videographer have been charged with piracy and hooliganism in Russian Courts.
These charges carry with them maximum sentences of 15 and 7 years in a Russian prison.
The Arctic 30 were on the scene of a peaceful protest at an off-shore oil platform owned by Russian oil giant Gazprom.
They were peacefully fighting for all of us, to show the world, to the sleeping people we’re, how dangerous (and useless) is the exploitation of the arctic for oil drilling, how it’ll change the climate, thanks to companies and countries only interested in money.
Their peaceful activism has been punished in a incredible way, with prison and intimidations.
So, when Greenpeace contacted us asking if we were interested in support their campaign, we started in thinking about what’ we could do with our weapons that are ink and paper.
And we had this vision of our Planet, its core like an heart and an oil plant, like a skull, drilling to the it.


and from the ink to the final design:

freethearctic 30

Please visit the page with the 30 illustrations realized by 30 italian artist to support the Greenpeace campaign to free the Artic30: HERE
nd please, again, support Greenpeace cause they’re helping all of us for a better future.


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  1. I like it

  2. Is there a way to purchase the art? If so, will the funds go to greenpeace?

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