We’ve been out of the studio for a while.
First we spent about a month on the road playing gigs around Europe with our band Ufomammut.
Then, once back home, we spent about a week to get back to normal life…


We had long drivings and we saw a lot of colors, not only on the streets…


We took good pics too…


We tried to understand signals but it was pretty confusing…


Also street art was, sometimes, a little radical…


Then we had strange feelings all around… like when we met these suicidal Monchichis…


… or these crow looking at us…


… or the masked guitar hero on stage…


But it was magick, anyway. Expecially in Stonehenge.


And Poia discovered he named a haircut saloon in Riga, Latvia…


The most important thing has been to be able to enjoy some real Pozza.


And share vibes.


So, if we survived all these things… I think we’re ready to start again with Your beloved Malleus.
While listening to Elvis Presley, I just want to tell You we’re here, ready for some new Malleus stuff.
I know You are always worried and You don’t sleep if we don’t sing You a lullaby… but don’t worry.
We’re already working at some new prints (Qotsa and High on fire just to name a few) and we’re studying new projects.
So, stay tuned cause little by little we’ll fill this blog of news.


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