Gypsy Queen

We’ll be on the road in a week.
We’ll be in Vienna next wednesday, the City of Secession, where Ver Sacrum was published and Klimt created his masterpieces.
What a good start.
And we’ll close our tour in Berlin and then Munich, german cities where the Secession movement grew.
It’ll be a very nice trip, one month on the road with Ufomammut and with our posters and visuals.
Check the places where we’ll be here.
And please, spread the word.

Apart form the last posters we’ve realized in the last months, we’ll have some copies of the just finished “Gypsy Queen”.
We’ve done the last color, a iridescent blue ink pattern and we’ve numbered them.
A very short run of only 66 copies.
We’ll have a few on sale on our webstore this friday.
But let’s check out how it came out.


Let’s start from the back.
Like all of our posters, we’ve “signed” them with a stamp.


Then we’ve the last color on it.
A iridescent ink, changing color from dark to light blue.



And this is the final result.


On paper.


And on polypropylene.


We’re very very happy, it came out really cool, powerful colors and our first 10 colors poster!
What do You think?
Do You like it?
If so, please, remember it’ll be on sale on friday on our webstore only!

Please, be nice and help our friends ISAAK.
Some filthy people stole all of their gear.
Check here and please, donate:

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  1. Your work are usually amazingly high quality, but this one is just through the roof. Most Excellent!

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