One color left.
Then our last work will be done.
Let me explain a little better what I’m talking about.
It was 2004.
Our friends Sara and Benny at Orange Factory in Belgium asked if we wanted to work on a wall poster for the show of Brant Bjork and the bros that was going to be on the 29th of April in Leuven. So we worked out a very colorful design that became one of our all time favorites.

Since then we’ve always thought about working on a silkscreen version of it.
It came out only as an offset and it was a real pity.
But it was so many colors we had to wait 10 years about to get better and more skilled in the art of silkscreening.
We don’t use automatic presses or these kind of factory like crap, we do all with our little and fragile hands, so we needed time to learn.
And thissummer, while we were taking the sun in our studio…, we thought: “isn’t it time for realizing a silkscreened version of the gipsy poster”?

This will be a very limited edition, cause we wanted to celebrate 10 years of silkscreening with something that will be a rare pearl:-)
But now, stop talking and let’s go with the last colors we put on paper (and polypropylene).



We worked out a very powerful and glowing yellow.
We obtained a second green in the parts where it’s on the cyan.


Then we moved on with a gold ink.


And we had the orange color coming out from it too!


Before closing all with black, we worked out with a silver ink to create the shadows on the cloak and eyes.


Below You can see the difference between the paper and the polypropylene.



And then the black ink.
And it’s ben really a herculean effort to print it.
Very large and full screen.
Feeling like Hulk now…
No… not because I’m green and no… not for the ripped trousers…



So, only one color left.
Tomorrow we’ll finish this silkscreen.
Totally looking forward to have it done for showing it to You!
Stay tuned

Watched Star Trek “Into Darkness”.
Nice one

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