The wind was strong today.
The air tasted of autumn and the days are getting shorter.
So I think it’s time to come back to these keys and write something on our blog.
I know You’ve surely thought we’re disappeared, probably buried under the sand on a beach… but it’s the last thing that could have happened.
The last weeks have been so hectic, full of things to do and to develope that now it’s time to show You all, little by little.
We’ve worked a lot around the “Magickal Mastery Tour”, the european tour of Ufomammut that will start in a few weeks and that will bring the band from Germany to UK, from Belgium to Finland, Norway to Austria, Holland to Poland and so on.
And, obviously, we’ll be around with Malleus too.
This is the official poster of the tour.
This is just a wall poster, no silkscreen will be done for now.

We’ll have tees with this image, of course.


And then much more


One with a spacey/Tchulu style mammoth


and one with a rounded image



As You can imagine, being this tour a sort of celebration of almost 15 years of Ufomammut, the images we’ve worked on are an ensemble of the band’s record covers.
Well, I tell this for the ones that know the band.

All this work took a while to be done.
But we worked on a lot of other projects.
One will keep You company for all the year.
And we’ll show You a preview soon.
Another one is the new OvO record (and we’ll talk about this soon too).

Then we’ve started a print that will keep us busy for a while.
It’s a ten colors print and we’ve decided to realize it to commemorate 10 years of silkscreening.
HAND silkscreening.
We’re very proud of being one of the few guys still using hands to print silkscreens, no machinery, no industrial things.
That’s cool, isn’t it?
And we’ve decided to go for a poster we worked on years ago and that never came out as a silkscreen.
It was a wall poster we realized for our friends of Orange factory in Belgium.
Check the images below and try to guess what we’re talking about.
Obviously we’ve worked on it to take all inscriptions away, it’ll be an art print.
And it’ll be done on cream paper and on polypropylene mother of pearl sheets.




Looks already cool!
Stay tuned for more
We’ll be back very soon

Like this song a lot.

2 Responses to “Magick”

  1. Dustin Zimmerman Says:

    Love to see you guys are still alive and kicking. The new poster and works look fantastic.
    Congrats on the almost 15 years

  2. Oh YEAH, The Brant Bjork / Nick Oliveri Print, a beautiful piece of art! This was one of the first posters I saw from you guys and for a couple years it hangs over my bed \m/
    Congratulations for almost 15 years of Ufomammut and 10 years of creating awesome silkscreen prints

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