Ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to show You a brand new gigposter we’re very happy about.
The Melvins are surely one of our favourite band of all times.
Last time I saw them it was last may in Wroclaw (Poland) and, once again, they left me speechless.
So, everytime we realize a poster for them, we’re honoured and way happy.
This time we worked on the print for the 13th of August in Salt lake City.
And with a 3 color print I must say we really did a very good work.
We used a raw paper, a cream natural one.
Then we printed a metallic gold, a red and a black on top.




The Melvins are one of that bands that got the power to enter Your brain and twist and twirl it, creating shapes and paths that are able to open You in 2 parts.
Their music is pure evil.



This is our tribute to the Melvins, a run of 120 prints.
A part will be on sale during the show, then the rest will be on sale from the 14th on our webstore.






Stay tuned for more, cause we’ve some projects coming!


Watched Byzantium.
Cool one!

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  1. I’m so in love with your artwork! And I can’t believe it took me so long to discover you have a blog…which I’ve really enjoyed looking through today while I pretend to work :D

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