Monster Magnet

I’m gonna write about the poster we’ve realized for the gig of Monster Magnet in Harleem, in Holland.
It’ll be today, so the 8th of August at Patronaat.
It started a few months ago as a offset design commissioned by the venue and then we had the permission and opportunity to realize a very nice silkscreen print.
This one below is the first part of the project.


Then we decided it had to be more colourfull as a silkscreen.
Also the design had to be different.


We used a metallic dark silver as first color.


On a cream paper.


Then we put a gold metallic ink on top of it.


And of course, we needed a very fluo red color, so we used a blacklight ink.
Try to put this poster under a UV light and You’ll see.
Maybe You could bring it with You when You’ll go to Your favourite solarium…


And last, we put a black ink for the lines.


As You can see, colors are vivid, super “heavy”.


And of course, horns could miss this print.


It’s a run of 121 prints and we’ll have our 30 copies on sale on our webstore starting from the 9th of August!
Stay tuned.


Watched Oblivion tonight.
Nice one.

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  1. Going to this gig in Haarlem tomorrow night. Might need to add one more Malleus poster to my collection.

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