Iberia and back

As You can imagine… we were out of town.
Of course, some of You have probably thought I lost my fingers so I couldn’t write on the blog anymore, but I still got all of my ten nice extremities, it’s just we were working hard preparing stuff for going to Spain and Portugal.
We’ve got a fantastic week on the road, supported, like always, by great people.
We were around with our band Ufomammut, even if in Spain and Portugal, they always write it “Ufommamut”.
But it was the same people.
4 nice guys and a nasty one…


… the one of us that seems to have a paralysis to an hand…
Anyway, after having terrible idea to eat what You can see below, a terrible pozza…


… we found ourselves in the middle of dinosaurs.


Fortunately, Papa Smurf was with us and helped in surviving.


So we put our gear on stage and played loud…


… untill we were totally drunk…


We also find a very particular shop in Portugal… italian people will understand immediately…


If You’re wondering what all of these things could mess around with Poster art, here below You’ll find the answer.
We’ve just realized 2 prints that will be on sale only at shows from now on.
It’s an image we like a lot.
We worked on the idea of a mammoth skull that could also be a ram one.
Look here below and let us know what You think:


We printed them on squared black paper measuring cm 60 x 60
We used red and iridescent gold and blu.
And they’re numbering to 100 pieces each.



The Ram



And the Mammoth



The mammoth


And the Ram




And, as You can see, if You put them on reverse, the magic is happening!

So, it’s all for now.
Back soon with the printing of the new Monster Magnet poster!
Stay tuned


Watched nothing…

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