This is the second post in less then 2 days.
Aren’t You happy?
Well, I am cause sometimes we’re so busy we don’t even find the time to share what we’re doing with You.
But now, we’re back on the blog in less then 24 hours!
That’s good.
NEU is for new (posters) and also for Neurosis cause the print we’re gonna show You today is the brand new poster we’ve just printed for the show of Neurosis and Ufomammut in Milano.
It’ll be tomorrow at Magnolia and if You’ve a chance, please take your feet, skate, segway, bicycle, motorbike, taxi, car, tractor, train, bus, truck, skilift, ferry, airplane, helicopter, motorboat, surf or windsurf, submarine… well, whatever You can, and come to say hi!
Because we’ve just printed 107 wonderful posters on black paper, with a great red and and superb iridescent silver colors and You cannot miss them.
And then, once You’ll have your poster You’ll be happy to listen to some good bands!


First color has been red.
It’s been tricky to print it cause we decided to exploit the paper in its long side as much as we could.




Can You see something coming out of these red lines?


Then we moved on with the second screen.
As You can see we had dinosaurs and horns helping us to set up the screen…


And this is the final result.


The printing is very big in the paper and we’re very happy with it, it’s a very different poster for us.


So, are You still doubtful about coming tomorrow?
Ok, don’t worry.
What we’ll have left from the show will go on sale on our webstore.
On friday.
And with the Daphne artprint too.

Watched “Spring Breakers” by the great Harmony Korine tonight.

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  1. Hi there, I came accross your wonderful series of posters for Dario argento s movies. I wonder if there any still any available for sale… ?

  2. Hi! Been a while since my last visit here, but it’s always good to see your great work. Hope to see you in Warsaw this fall.
    Greetings from Poland!

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