Dinosaur Jr and Daphne

Time to write new posts has been really limited in the last weeks.
We’ve been focused on a lot of stuff between printing, playing and going around with our posters for exibithions and such.
We’ve worked on new stuff and we’re gonna show You all of them little by little from now on.
We’ll start today with the Dinosaur Jr poster and the Daphne Art print.
We realized a tour poster for Dinosaur Jr that we’re very happy with.
The only problem is that the 200 copies of the band (of the 230 we did) are still in the Hamburg branch of the express courier… we’re trying to have them delivered somewhere to the band, but there’s some kind of bad luck going around between the prints and the rest of the World…
So please, You! Yes, You reading this… please cross fingers with us to make the package to be delivered to Dinosaur Jr!!!


We worked on the Daphne Myth.
The greek mithology tells us about the not reciprocated love between Apollo (god of all the arts) and the nymph Daphne (cause of Cupido that was an envying asshole…)
Apollo felt in love with Daphne but she didn’t care about him, so she escaped from him.
He run between her and  she asked his father (god of something I don’t remember now…) to turn her into a tree.
She became a laureal oak.
End of the story…
Well, it’s a  little better than that, to be honset, it was just to make it quick.
And by the way, You know that apollo has a laureal oak crown… well, it’s a little creepy if You think he took it from Daphne (once she became a tree).
Anyway, it’s a sad story.


The Dinosaur Jr print is a 2 color silkscreen on black paper.
Gold and red.


Then we worked on a Art print on a wonderful canvas like paper.
A black one. The one here below.



We printed 40 copies of a different version of the image of Daphne.
The Art print, as You can see, is longer (more branches and more trunk) and …



… the image is closed in a frame.
Then it’s a shade from gold to metallic red/orange ink.


And we worked on a fantastic fog effect.
We printed a silver metallic layer first and then…




… an iridescent blue layer.




The final effect is very interesting giving a great idea of depth and perspective.





The Daphne Art print is limited to 40 pieces only.
So, now, let’s all cross our fingers hoping that Dinosaur Jr will receive the posters.
At my 3.
Are You ready?



We’ll be in Milano in 2 days with Malleus and Ufomammut playing with Neurosis.

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