Solo Macello Fest

We’ve just finished to print the posters for the Solo Macello festival.
It’ll be next wednesday in Milano and it’ll be a great day of heavy and different music.
We’re very happy to meet Red Fang and Karma to Burn again, then to see Zolle live, to meet our friends of Magnolia, Mr. Menghi and to see the guys of Solo Macello.
Then I’m pretty sure we’ll meet with a lot of people we know and that are usually around in these festivals.
And we’ll be there with a selection of posters, the brand new patches and tees… and some records for sure too.
But stop talking now!
Here are the pics of the final print.
One color was missing, it was black.
First of all we double checked the film if everything was ok and we enlarged a few lines.


Then, once the screen was ready…


…we started the printing process.


And the posters came out really cool!


Here are some details




Really like the eye, white with the red pupil.



And here below You can see the final shape of the print.


We’ve to number them and prepare stuff for the festival.
See You there and remember the print will be on sale on our webstore just after the festival!
\m/ MèTAL \m/


Watched “NO” yesterday. Seems like things never change…

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    Fuck this is good!

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