We’re printing a few new posters in these weeks.
We’ve screens rolling and inks ready to be put on paper.
Summer has come all in a sudden and we’ve decided it’s time to burn some fat for the dress rehearsal… so let’s print a lot and sweat like hell.
The first one we’re doing is a print for an Italian festival that will see bands like Red Fang, Karma to burn, Zolle, Wrust, In Zaire and many many more in Milano on the 26th of June.
The name of the festival is “Solo Macello Fest”, that translated sounds like “Slaughterhouse only”, but it could also be more into the “mess” idea of noise, heaviness and so on.
So, thinking about this, what’s a common tool in a slaughterhouse?
Of course, a chopper (not the bike…), a meat cleaver…
Now, reading what’s coming next, You’ll surely think we’ve some serious problems…
We like to see things coming out of the shapes.
For example, some years ago, working on a print for Hellfest, we noticed that a goat skull is nothing but 2 women…

…or that flames coming out of a Zippo could be she devils…


… or that pelvis and thigh bones with their muscles resemple 2 women…
Aphex twin
… or that even a razor seems a woman scratching our face…


… and if You check around on our website You’ll find way more…
So, looking at a picture of a woman (and then looking at different ones), we noticed that the curve that the shoulder creates with the head looks like a chopper…
It was perfect for giving birth to an image that could fit the name of this festival at its best.
We worked on this print starting from this idea and we decided to work on 5 screens to obtain a lot of different colours.
We started with a white ink.


Then we printed a red.


Thanks to the white ink, we have 2 different colors.
A very bright red and a darker one.



We had the same effect with the silver we printed as third colour.
On the white we obtained a “skin like” silver and a pure one on the other parts.
Then, a third red on the lips…


And as You can see, the chopper came out on the side, with all inscriptions!


Then we used a darker silver/blue, a transparent color to have an overlay on the red of the dress and another kind of red…


And this is how the inks look like: metallic



Now we have a black ink to finish the print and it’ll be tomorrow.
So, stay tuned and prepare Yourself for “Solo Macello Fest”!!!
Watched City of God and it was rad!

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