Black Cobra are a thunderous band.
Everytime I see them playing live I’m totally impressed.
I remember some years ago, we were at this festival in Germany and I was on the side of the stage while they were kicking serious ass on stage.
Watching the power of these 2 guys was mind blowing.
Super cool!
When Rafa (the drummer) contacted us some weeks ago asking if we wanted to work on a poster for their european tour starting tomorrow from Paris (and check the other dates here) we were totally excited.
We needed to work on something that could represent their power and the energy they transmit, so we thought about something divine.
Something that could be related to a god and a snake and we came out with the Quetzalcoatl idea cause this aztec/mayan deity was considered the creator  of Mankind that came out from his blood.
We worked on a “malleusdelic version” giving birth to a female goddess and when we showed the sketch to the band, they told us they love Aztec and Mayan culture, so we moved on to the silkscreening:-)
We worked on a cream paper for the regular version and on a raw light blu one for the variant.
First color has been a dark silver.



Then we worked on a metallic shade from silver to gold.



And then red came.


A different one on the variant, like the shade.


We finished with a black color, of course:-)


And this is the final shape of the prints!


And some details.




And here below the variant.




And the Jpeg to show You where we started from.



Regular version is a limited edition on 138 pieces.
100 will be on sale during the tour by Black Cobra.
Variant version is limited to 30 pieces and we’ll have a few on sale soon.
I suggest You to go and check Black Cobra live!!!


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