I remember years ago, there still was a small record shop in our little town.
It was a great period for music, things were changing and lots of great things were coming out.
It was 1991 and I had just watched on TV (!!! it’s incredible if I think what they’re broadcasting now…) a band playing a very raw song in a gymnasium, with a guy screaming like hell his rage.
I was impressed and it took a few days to discover the name of the band and find out more infos.
There was no internet and the only way is to try to be luck enough to see the videoclip again and write on a piece of paper the useful infos.
So I discovered they were Nirvana and the song was “Smells like teen spirit”.
I went to the small shop and I asked for the record.
Obviously, even if it was a good record shop, they didn’t have “Nevermind” so I had to wait for its arrival.
But I was lucky enough to buy “Bleach” (and it was a blast!) and I found another record that attracted me first for the cover art.
It was a band called “Mudhoney” and the album was “Every good boy deserves fudge”.
I went home with 2 vinyls and when I put them on the turntable I was very very happy.
I started my discovering from there and the little shop, called “Il magico Glenn” has been really helpful in that years of my life.
“Every good boy deserves fudge” became one of my favorite albums of the “grunge period” and I still love songs like “thorn”, “let it slide”, “shoot the moon” and “broken hands”.
Mudhoney, with their “punk sound” has been one of the bands that has opened me to incredible discoveries like the Melvins, or Soundgarden and from there I moved to a lot of different stuff growing what I’m now.
So, every time we have to work on a poster for Mudhoney, we’re very very happy.
This time we’ve prepared a silkscreen for their gig in Berlin on the 26th of May.
Today I’m gonna show You the regular version, limited to 119 pieces and printed in 4 colors on cream paper.
We’ve used metallic colors (a lot of them: copper red, iridescent pink and gold) and black ink.


First ink has been a red metallic copper.


Then we’ve worked on a metallic iridescent pink color for the skin


The third color has been a black ink.


And the print was already very nice:-)


The last color has been a gold metallic ink, it’s simulating the “smoke” creating the name of the band.

malleus4Mudhoney06 malleus4Mudhoney07

And this is the final print.


And the image we worked on.


The print will be on sale on our webstore right after the show on the 27th of May.
You’ll have the opportunity to buy one at the show too, of course.
And tomorrow we’ll show You the variant version, limited to 30 copies.
Stay tuned!!!


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