We’ve been out of the studio for a couple of weeks.
We’ve been on tour with Ufomammut and it’s been really great.
We have had a lot of fun and we’ve met a lot of people.
We’ve been witness of the dead of a teddy bear, the poor guy sinked in a sea of plastic coloured balls.


So we decided to go and buy some music to ease our sad souls, but we bumped into very strange things…


We decided it was better to eat something to alleviate our sadness, but again, we run across something we’ve never wanted to see…


And then again, another animal died in front of us…


But this time we had a good meal, soup and muffin…
Could You ask for more?


On the road to London we saw the clouds open and the Big Ben touched the sky.
it was amazing, after days of rain we could see the sun was still there!


And  a puppet, alive and kicking, surrounded by jewels, was waiting for us.
A dragon with a pumpkin was playing an ivory cornet.


The dragon told us that something incredible was waiting for us and  we understood it was time for washing our van…


And, like the dragon predicted, we saw, for the first time in our lives something incredible: the police limo!


One of us, touched by a magic spell, got serious problems of sleeping on the road

12 13 14

But at the end, everything went as we couldn’t imagine and we finally gave birth to a new super trio with Balázs Pándi: the cool, the dumb and the evil.


Watched Lords of Salem.
Love the movies of Rob Zombie.
Super cool!

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  1. wooly mascot still alive!

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