We’ll be on tour from next week.
On the road again (and everytime I write this…)
We’ll be around Europe for a couple of weeks with Malleus and our band Ufomammut, in Germany, then in Belgium, in UK, in Holland, in Czech and finally in Poland where we’ll stay for 3 days, from the 2nd to the 4th of May.
We’ll be at Asymmetry fest, in Wroclaw.
And we’re very excited cause we’ll have a Malleus exhibition!
We’ve also worked on the poster and design for the festival for the fourth year now and we’re very happy about how this last one came out, both for the offset version to advertise the event (the one that is on the walls, to explain…) and the silkscreen limited edition we’ve just finished to print.
We started from the idea of realizing something related to the Oriental Gods of War and we came out with this Goddess coming out of the clouds arising two swords to the sun (to make a very quick summary…)


Then we thought about a different version for the silkscreen, something more simple, without the band names, only a few inscriptions and in a ideogram style to resemble a japanese inscription.
We printed on a heavy raw dark grey paper using metallic and a luminescent red inks.
And we must say the result is very cool.
Super limited edition of only 99 pieces, the poster will be on sale at the festival and the copies left when we’ll be home after the 5th of May!


Here You can see the inscription (it says: “2-4 may 2013 – Wroclaw – Poland”)


This is the final print.



Looking forward to be in Wroclaw!

Listening to Sir Richard Bishop

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