Hello ladies and gentlemen.
It’s been a boring weekend, the weather here has become so annoying that we’re really getting nervous.
I feel like we’re living in a videogame, not real life… it rains, then it gets warm and sunny, the sun disappears, clouds, sun, wind, cold, warm, cloudy sun, fog, rain again, and this is only the first 2 minutes… multiply this for a day, for a week and more then 2 months now…
You’ll understand it’s time for a change…
In the meantime¬†I’m pretty excited cause we’re finishing the printing of Suspiria and the regular version is done.
Tomorrow we’ll finish the variant and we’ll be ready to show it to all of You.
For now, please, be kind with us cause, as I told You, we’re really emotional… and find happiness looking at the regular version.
We worked on the last 2 colors, the gold and the red.
And we’re very very happy of the result!


We first printed the gold for hair and the feather (the one the main character uses to kill the witch, to explain)


Then we put red on paper

suspiria_07 suspiria_08 suspiria_09

And the final regular edition looks like this:



So, tomorrow the last color on the variant and then the experience of the Dario Argento’serie will be over.

And just to remind You, yes YOU! All the people of Milano.
See You at Santeria on tuesday 9th of April: QUI!

Watched Wreck it ralph tonight! Very nice movie

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  1. Dustin Zimmerman Says:

    I’m sad to see the Argento series come to an end, those have been some gorgeous pieces.
    I’m sure whatever is next will be just as good though.

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