Hyster sale

It’s been a 3 days of struggling with the mess in our studio.
While printing the last poster of the Dario Argento’ serie, we found ourselves in a sort of hysteric situation, surrounded by mess and with a brain confusion that was going to erase our calm forever…
On monday, while preparing the prints to bring in Milano at Santeria for the vernissage of the opening of our exhibition (and by the way: see You on the 9th of April for the finissage!) we discovered our studio was in a massive disorder again.
So we decided to stop and count ALL the posters that were around.
We built up 2 new racks, 2 shelving units to hold all the prints and then we started.
We opened folders that were close since the beginning of time, we dig under piles of paper, we found things we lost in the center of the earth… and tonight, we almost did it.
We have a few places we need to look at, parts of the studio we never touched since we moved in years ago, but the main work and cataloguing of our prints has been done.
And we found a lot of oldies, a great number of prints and rarities we didn’t even think we still had.
Look here behind for some examples:


Lu has compiled a list of all the prints we did since the beginning!


Almost done!

03 04 05 06

And plastic bales have grown in the corners of the studio!


So, what’s next?
We’re so happy we’ve worked on this “tide up days” we want to share what we found with You.
Easter is coming and we feel so good, we feel like we’ve broken a lots of eggs (and not only…) in these past hours.
So, starting from this sunday and for a week, we’ll have on our webstore what we’ve decided to call the “HYSTER SALE”, considering it’s easter and considering we were getting mad here behind a pile of mess!
What will it be?
A period of sale with a 20% of discount on all our posters and prints on the Malleus store, including some really rare thing we’ve found out in these days.
So, if You’re looking at some of our oldies, or if You want to buy a new print but You think it’s too expensive right now cause You’ve just finish to buy tons of easter eggs (hope at least fondant chocolate!!!) or whatever… seize the moment and take a look at our webstore starting from this Sunday!

Need to relax a little now!

Looking forward to this one! Feel like a child:-)

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  1. Hope there’s a 2003 Linea 77 in there. Please contact me if you have one!

  2. Sorry, but I grabbed the Linea 77 shortly after it dropped.

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