Shows and rice

We really enjoyed the vernissage of our exhibition in Milano at Santeria yesterday.
A lot of people came to say hi and it’s been really great.




We were very busy, so my cat took some pics.
It’s been really cool to share the evening with all of You guys and with the Santeria’s crew.
After the show we went to a Trattoria and we had a sort of brothed rice that was quite terrific… but we laughed a lot with our friend Teo, speaking about gigs in Argentina with crazy guys throwing garbage bins on fire in the venues, fans puking in tankards, crazy guys acting madly during concerts and then, to end the night, we talked about Bocelli.
All under a television broadcasting the worst music videoclips ever…
It’s been a sort of psychedelic experience… :-)
So, we’re looking forward to the finissage of the exhibition on the 9th of April!

Then today we’ve started theĀ umpteenth count of our prints, after we’ve put new shells in the studio to make some order and we found out a lot of stuff.
Hope to finish tomorrow cause we’d love to make You a surprise for Easter.
So… stay tuned!!!

Watched the Cottage. Creepy!

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  1. jason (americans8n) Says:

    Looks Great Guys! Hope you sold alot of Stuff.

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