Swans will play in Milano in 2 days and we’re very excited here at malleus’ headquarter.
Not only cause we’ll be at the show, but mostly cause we’re very happy about how the silkscreen we’ve realized for them has turned out.
It’s a 4 colors print, we worked on a shade with 2 silvers and then a red and a black color.
And the final result is really good.
We’re numbering tomorrow about 120 pieces, I suppose they’ll be 117, but I’ll let You know.
Then the prints will be on sale during the show at Officine Creative Ansaldo (venue located in Milano in BigCake street…) and on our website on friday.

The idea for the poster came from the song “A piece of the sky”.
Really like the lyrics and the sentence “Behind the face of the sky, on a disappearing line,  Are you there?” was so evocative we thought about this woman like a black sky and clouds of silver smoke creating swans shapes (“In a burning white ship, In the taste of her lips, In the blood of the swans… Are You there?”), like it’s the blood of the sky.

Malleus4Swans07 Malleus4Swans08 Malleus4Swans09 Malleus4Swans10

And this is the final shape



Hope You’ll like this poster. It’s been great to work on it.
And now it’s time for the last Argento!!!


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