I think this one is the longest and most boring winter I can remember.
Last year it was so cool, 15 days of pure Siberia and then all gone, warm, sun, motorbike and life is happiness.
This year we’re having a bad season.
It’s been snowing all yesterday and today, by the way.
So, what else we could do if not putting our hands on a new print?
We’ll be in Milano in a few days cause Swans we’ll play there.
And we’ll be there with a new poster.
Then, after a few days, on the 26th of march, we’ll be at Santeria in Milano, with an exibithion with our poster art.
Anyway, let’s start from the beginning and let’s see what’s going on with the Swans print.
Today we did 2 colors.
It’ll be a quite short run (120 pieces about), so it’s been a good printing day.
First color is a red.
We used a raw paper, kraft color.


The picture below is a classic one.
Don’t You think? We usually put it at least once a week… well, we change the screens, but it’s always the same image…


Second color has been a black


We’re very very happy about the details of this print.
Every line came out pretty cool.

Malleus4Swans04 Malleus4Swans05

And this is “river” of ink on the paper.



What You think?
More tomorrow, when it’ll be done!

Watched Mr. Nobody. Very nice movie.

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