We have a winner!

No, no… I’m not talking about the new Pope.
Of course, they did it, so let’s see what will happen…
But we want to announce the winner of our giveaway before the Vaticans will announce their winner…
We want to be stronger then them!
So, a great congratulation to Neal!
I don’t know what the hell he got in his eyes (some super power for sure…) but he’s been able to see in the sort of cloudy pic we post, the right design!
And he is a great poster artist too.
Check what Neal does HERE.
So, double congrats!

The poster was THE DONNAS, we did it in 2003.
Here’s the drawing.


And this one is the final print:

Damn, I was thinking this giveaway would have been long lasting… but I’m happy about Your partecipations.
So, now we got our winner!


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  1. Yes!!! So excited to win the Converge poster. I remember seeing the process pics when you guys made it, so cool. Thanks so much for the kind words also!

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