I’m sorry to announce that no right answer to the giveaway has been given till today.
So I’m forced to put another pic.
The blur is lower, so maybe You can have more luck with it today.
C’mon, we’ve only more then 300 posters done, so it’s not so difficult :-)


To help You a little I can tell You this is the ink only, no colors in it.
For now.

And tonight I’m gonna show You some more pics from La Belle et la Bete poster we realized with Dark City Gallery.



The print has been realized on brown raw paper with white, red, gold and dark silver inks.
The idea was to keep the beast hidden, to use it like a shape behind the Beauty.



Do You like it?
It’ll be on sale, sure, but don’t know when for now.
I know, I know… I’m too much precise in giving infos…
But I’m still laughing after reading this article… it’s about the vatican and it’s the right time to talk about it… new pope is coming.
Damn, if only You’d  won the present giveaway we could work out a “totopope”… a vatican bingo…
Next time…

Ok, time to stop now…

Watched “The Wild Blue Yonder” by Herzog.

7 Responses to “Nope”

  1. it’s the new pope

  2. Poster for The Donnas in 2003?

  3. Hey, so happy about your tour schelude, you will visit us twice ;) ( I won’t say where).

    About our little riddle: I’d say its Ufommamut Live@Roadburn 2011

  4. stendhal syndrome

  5. monster magnet ?

  6. I think it is INCOMING CEREBRAL OVERDRIVE -Tour 2012

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