Let’s see.

Our Country is having some problems with normality…
Strange things happen everyday and everytime we watch the news or we read a newspaper we feel like we’re sinking into an episode of the Twilight zone…
People that should represent a Nation are behaving like children at school… I didn’t say students, I said children… first years of school, elementary I should say…
All is getting really weird here, so expect something crazy in the next weeks…
Well, at least there should be a Pope very soon.
Not that I’m missing this character that much, but maybe it could help to bring a part of things to normality… mmmmhhh… Not sure, tough…

Apart from these things, we’re finishing some works.
We’re on the last print of the Argento poster serie.
We’ll unveil something in the next weeks.
And then we’re on a print for the Swans in Milano (and by the way, they’ll play in a venue that is located in via Tortona… and Tortona is Big cake, our little town… isn’t it cool?
Well, I told You, even the simplest things are great in these days…)
We’re also working on Zolle, a new great band that will be out in May for our little label, in May.
I’ll show You some pics of the printing process of the limited edition we’re doing for them soon.
Nope, not now, I’m lazy.

And then other things are coming.
We’ll have a few exhibitions in the next weeks too.
One in Milano at the end of March at Santeria (more details soon) and one in Poland, in Wroclaw, in May.

But now it’s time for a new giveaway.
I want You all to be a part of it cause it’s really really easy.
The price will be this print we did last year for Converge:


And what the hell have You got to do?
I will post a detail of a print we’ve realized in the last years (a silkscreen) and You’ll have to guess what’s the poster.
It’ll get easier day by day, but the first one of You that will write the right answer in the comments will be the winner.
Of course, be nice and make us laugh, it’s always important.

So, are You ready?
This is the first pic.


It’s difficult cause it’s blurry, very blurry.
And it’s a detail.
Good luck!

Watched the Brass Teapot.
Really nice

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  1. jimmy arceneaux Says:

    Dude(s) and Dudette(s) –

    The weird part, is every time you post a clip of a cool movie, it’a almost always one I am getting ready to watch, or in the middle of watching. Stay out of my head!!!

    But keep up the KILLER work!


    On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 9:41 AM, Malleus’ Blog

  2. I’m going to go with Black Keys Copenhagen 2012

  3. A polar bear hugging a grizzly bear!


  5. Melvins – Unsane 2012.. unfortunately one of my few malleus buys last year..
    Ever since i framed that ufomamutt lento poster my wife seems to be having a baby every other year!! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150783319331869&set=o.57284954357&type=1&theater

  6. today i’m going to try THEDA

  7. Pope, Berlusconi & Italian Justice
    in a Montreal newspaper (La Presse) frontpage today (2013.03.12)
    If you were reading this blog days ago, this is old news to us.

    About the blurry picture….I would go with Caracol’s Shiver

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