Today we’re gonna show You tattoos and rock’n’roll.
I must say I’m a little disappointed, I expected more partecipating in our giveaway, I was thinking that more people were going to send their tattoos.
You’re too shy.
Damn, every time we tour with Ufomammut we meet people coming and showing malleusdelic tattoos and then… disappeared.
We received only 5 tattoos… and 2 from the same guy!
So, I think I’ll ask You something easiest for the next giveaway, let me  think about it and I’ll tell You.
Before showing You the winner, it’s time to present You the new band coming out very soon on our little record label.
They’re Zolle and they totally rock!!!

You can read more here!
nd this is the artwork we did for the cover


Ok, now let’s go with the tattoo contest.
So, thanks a lot to Adriaan for sending his “Current93” inspired art.


Then  thanks to Pascal, he has “Ufomammut” on his arm.


And Jon… well the tattoo is very cool but it’s a little strange to me, being the Malleus logo:-)


And the winner is… MIKE!
He got these 2 superb tattoos taken from Linea 77 and Nina Nastasia posters.
Wow, these are amazing!

malleus_tattoo_linea_hair malleus_tattoo_linea nina_nastasia_tattoo

So, time to go now.
Back soon with another idea for a giveaway, so stay in touch!

Watched “Sushi girl” tonight. Nice.

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  1. Ahh! Thanks guys!

    Love me some Malleus. My two favorite tattoos ever.

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