Lots of things are happening here in Italy.
We’re living a strange situation, the image here below is a good explanation…


After the election days we totally understood that something is really wrong here.
After 20 years of submission to vulgarity and ignorance it seems that 20% of our population really love to suffer and probably consider a normal thing to be buried under lies…
But let’s see what will happen.
In the meantime the Pope decided to retire (well… let’s say it’s more then 33 years old right now…) and, last but not least, the Police chief had a cerebral bleeding…
So, if You’ve nothing to do in these days, You can easily consider this could be the best period to invade and conquer us…

In the meantime, we’re trying to go on with our things to do.
And even if we’re not writing that much here, we’ll be back soon with some records, posters and more.

In the meantime, please, send us Your malleus inspired tattoos, we’d love to publish them here.
For now we only received four pics.
We’re gonna publish them in the next days with the winner of this poster below:


So, move on!

Watched this movie.
Very cool!

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  1. Says:

    Please, do not leave your Art to govern Italy, please :-)

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