We have a winner!
We’re happy to announce Dustin won the VAMP giveaway.
He’s been the first one in guessing right the title of the movie we’re working at.
I know I told it was going to work with the most funny comment hitting the title, but I’m sorry… there were not amusing ones with the right title.
I must say that the one I preferred came from Italy, from Ver Eversum (and check them!)
So, congratulations to Dustin.
And the title is “La Belle et la Bête”.
We’ll tell You more about this project very soon!

We’ve decided that we really like this giveaway thing.
We like to see You partecipating to our blog and life.
So, let’s go with another one.
This is a little more “difficult” and selective, sorry.
But we’re totally curious to see Your malleus inspired tattoos.
So, send us Your tattoos (in the comments, with a link or just via email to candies[at] and we’ll pick te one we like the most.
And the winner will receive the Melvins Lite print:


You’ve one week to send the tattoos!

In the meantime, if You like our last posters (JSBX and MONO), just check our webstore and grab one!
You can find Jon Spencer Blues Explosion live in Torino HERE and Mono European Tour variant HERE




Watched Silver Linings Playbook.
Very very very nice.

2 Responses to “Winner”

  1. Hey guys (and girl),

    posted this on your facebook as well, this is my back with the Current 93 poster you did for RB:



  2. When it comes to tattoos I’m Uncle Scrooge – too much books, music, films, technical gadgets and Malleus posters to buy! ;-) But one idea crossed my mind: what would a Malleus-drawn GG Allin-style tattoo look like?

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