MONO variant

Hi there.
Thanks for all the comments, we’re reading them and we’ll have the winner for the VAMP print very soon.
To be honest I expected a little more of humor, but I’m happy You like to follow the blog.
And stop with all this compliments! Damn, You know we’re shy!

Today I wanna show You the variant of the MONO poster we realized.
We changed the colors to make it totally different from the regular one.
It’s 3 colors on black paper.
Here we go!

First color has been red.


Then we moved on with a silver ink




Very nice, I think.
And final touch has been a sparkling ink on the silver to make stars shine.



And this is the final poster.


It’ll be a very small run (about 50 pieces only) and it’ll go on sale soon on our webstore.
So, stay tuned!

Listening to the radio.
Blondie just played… Debbie Harry! Mamma mia!!!

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  1. I saw Blondie back in the day

  2. Just gorgeous!

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