How many comments we’re receiving.
It’s cool, very happy.
But You need to work more on the “laughing part” :-)
Anyway, You’ve time till the end of the week to think about the movie poster we’re working at, so… write!

In the meantime, here we are for showing You some pics of the new poster we’ve realized for the European tour of our friends at Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
As I told You, Jon kept in touch with the idea of having a Schiele woman with a sci-fi touch.
So, we worked on it and this is the result!
After the first 2 colors, red and green, we worked on the third one, a metallic gold.
It had to cover the signs leaving them visible and we made it.




This new raw paper we’re using lately is wonderful and colors pop up of it.
Then we printed a white ink.
It had to give a really Schiele touch, if You watch his paintings, You’ll find a white outline that is quite a trademark.
And it helps the image to come out from the paper.



The fifth color has been black, to define the image and create the final design.


We’re very happy, we totally dig the idea of this poster.
We think it’s a very ironic style, we thought about Schiele on a alien spaceship working on a portrait of a woman (a kidnapped one?)…
Tentacles, aliens, golden woman in a secessionist style!




And the final shape of the print


And the Jpeg


Nice, uh?

Watched this.
Very cool


  1. In an effort to keep the comments flowing, I will say that this is very nice. Well done. Keep it up.

  2. Actually I don’t like this one. It’s well done as always but the girl just looks sick :/

  3. Who will be the inspiration for AMEN II ?
    Are we going to find out on Febryary 28th :

  4. I really like the white outlining, makes the woman pop out great. Amazing as ever.

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  6. […] the Malleus blog to see the various stages of the new Jon Spencer Blues Explosion tour poster being […]

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