Gimme Your comments!

I’m quite frustrated cause I never (and when I say “never” I mean NEVER) have the pleasure to read what You think about our stuff on this blog.
No comments, ever.
Well, a few sometimes.
Damn… what can I do to involve You more?
Have we got to give prices for making You more involved in following what we do?
Ok, so if this is the only chance we have to make You coming out from Your land of diffidence, let’s work out a weekly  raffle with prizes kindly provided by Your favourite poster artists on Earth (I’m pretty sure it’s what You’re thinking about now that we’re gonna give You things for free…).
Let’s work on a question for You.
Besides the Dario Argento serie, we’re working on a print for the projection of a very famous movie in London on the 17th of March 2013.
It’s not an horror movie, even if there’s something that could scare You.
It’s an old movie, from 1946.
And to help You more, I can tell You the director was not only famous for his movies.
He was a multi-talented guy.
If You want to win the price of this week, You just have to write the title of the Movie in the comments to this post.
At the end on the week we’ll announce the winner.
But please, just don’t write only the title, cause it won’t be “first come first served”…
Write also a nice comment, make us laugh.
Be nice.
We want to have some fun!
So, if more then one will hit the movie title during this week, we’ll pick the most funny comment.
And the price?

Of course, there’s a price and it’s a cool one.
The one that will find the solution and that will make us laugh, will win a VAMP print, the one here below!


It’s easy.
Have fun!

Listening to Clutch. So  energetic

38 Responses to “Gimme Your comments!”

  1. VAMP. I should win as I have nothing as pretty on my walls, well some pictures the kids drew but you know only my wife and I find them pretty. Also I’m highly apreacitive of good art and music, but talentless at both. I would hang this on my wall and when guests asked who painted it. I’d blow their heads off with Oro. (Both parts).

  2. Dustin Zimmerman Says:

    Its gotta be Beauty and the Beast, fits you guys like a glove.
    Love the blog, love the art, just got the Opus Alter poster and is hanging as we speak. Keep up the good work

  3. I don’t Bloody know since I don’t bloodly live in bloody london but I’ll guess Notorious cause it’s got a killer name. Whats so bad about saying Bloody anyway?

  4. The Vamp thematic would have been great for the 2012 Dracula version of Dario Argento. The original Dracula isn’t from 1946 and is considred as a horror movie ( it is out of the question).
    Orson Welles was multi-talented, and the only movie produced in 1946 was the Stranger (Nazi is the scary part in this movie) but there is not a remake for 2013 (The Stranger Inside doesn’t sound as a remake and no Vamp’s are involved either…).
    I’ll keep thinking about this….

    • Caesar and Cleopatra perhaps?

    • Well I think it’s Hitchcock’s “Notorious” because it’s Hitchcock’s and is from 1946 and fits you guys well. Don’t get me wrong: “fits you well” not in the sense that it’s your favorite movie because it’s your age or because, as it seems “Psycho” was a joke: . I just think it’s going to be huge inspiration for you!

    • Hitchhcock’s 1946 Film “Notorius” Would be my guess…Hitchcock was notorious for treating his actors and actresses like shit. He thought it would produce better performances…He was right. He was also notorious for eating a lot, and looking like Anthony Hopkins…no wait, that isn’t right…

  5. Sabine Godefroy Says:

    Just think you are genius and that your last creation with magic ink is the top of your art,

  6. My Darling Clementine

  7. I hope it reads in my heading..these are my guesses: ‘The Best years of our lives’ or ‘Notorious’. I became a fan of your work long ago and am never let down by your choices of subject matter. Haven’t seen ‘Best years of our Lives’ but, your artwork has saturated the art world as much as Cary Grant did for film. Seems like you have your heads on straight cause you keep mine smiling…

  8. Jimmy Donald Says:

    I am going to take a HUGE stab, after scouring google (bastard), and say the film “The Big Sleep” and even if it isn’t what a great film to pull from. Bogart and Bacall, the classic Hollywood love story, and then the film itself, considered a classic.

    Whatever the subject matter, you guys will kill it, and in honor of winning, I will never sleep again, as a tribute to your greatness.

  9. I’m gonna go with Great Expectations. Directed by David Lean.

    So a penguin is driving trough the dessert and gets a flat tire. Down the road is a repair shop owned by a walrus. The penguin brings his tire to the walrus and the walrus says “come back in ten minute and i’ll teel what wrong with your tire.” While the penguin is waiting he sees an ice cream shop across the street. And penguins love ice cream. So the penguin get some ice cream and while he is walking back the the walrus the ice cream is melting all over his face and running down his chin. When the get back to the shop the walrus say, “Well it looks like you blew a seal.”

  10. Beauty and The Beast. Cocteau was very versatile. The Stranger would be my second guess.I love you guys. Your posters should sell out in seconds. John Davis turned me on to you guys, he is a bad influence – haha!

    When I was at the Weapon Of Choice show in L.A I asked two other collectors what they were buying, they mentioned the popular stuff -“What about the Malleus Vamp?” I asked them. They both bought it.
    The Argento series is so fantastic. You guys had a great year – also loved the Black Keys and Monster Magnet.

  11. Maybe “Beauty and the Beast” directed by Jean Cocteau in 1946..yeah guys!! it’s thanks to you that I started to get interested in psychedelic posters and screen printing, I follow you since you did the korn poster in 2004, I was only 14!!!

  12. Electric Dave Says:

    “The Stranger” directed by Orson Welles….there have been too many strangers to your blog : )

  13. Headbanger Says:

    Maybe the movie is “Great Expectation”, but i don’t have great expectation about the prize. By the way… è necessario scrivere in inglese? Siete troppo forti guys!

  14. Easy? “Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

    Lets see, HItchcock, Capra, Cocteau, John Ford, John Hughes, Howard Hawks, David Lean, Orson Wells, King Vitor, Jean Renoir, Ingmar Bergman, Robert Siodmak all made films in 1946.

    D’oh. Is there like a consolation price if we get it wrong?

    Well, guess i’m gonna go with Beauty and the Beast.

    Keep up the good work, love the posters. I’m very proud of my two Oro posters, especially since Ufomammut are one of my all time favorite bands.

    p.s. you guys should come to london again and play the entirety of Eve

  15. mike delbusso Says:

    i’ll say the stranger by orson welles because it seems that’s what’s everyone has been vis-a-vis this blog

  16. Electric Dave Says:

    Am I allowed to switch that to “Henry V” (1946, UK), , D: Laurence Olivier? You need a funny comment, too, I see. Hmmm.. Why is it that we see these beautiful posters made by the 3 of you and we NEVER see 3 beautiful pictures of the 3 of YOU? We want to know what you look like! Don’t be shy now…your posters aren’t!

  17. La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast) by Jean Cocteau

    Well the beast is really a beast in this film / story and I am still looking forward to see an updated version of it:
    You pick a rose from the beast’s garden and you pay the price in cash, with credit card, via PayPal or with one of your daughters. You name the method! :)

    I am sure Malleus will deliver a top-notch composition for this project as well.

    PS: I am a true Malleus Argento-series collector & addict ;)

  18. Alex Beacroft Says:

    Sorry your feeling unloved, your posters are beautiful pieces of art, I know i’ve got some. Now which film are you talking about?, I will have guess that it is maybe “Notorious” by Alfred Hitchcock.

  19. Ok, my wild guess as a subscriber: 1946…. THE CRIMSON GHOST!
    The movie The Misfits stole their logo from! :-)

  20. I can’t be arsed to think about this one, just leaving this comment to make you happeh.

  21. Matter of life and death AKA stairway to heaven ?..PS welcome to my motherfuckin world

  22. Dimitri Kotzamanis Says:

    The other Le Etranger

  23. The Spiral Staircase

  24. the stranger starring lorreta young !
    huge fan of your guys artwork

  25. This question makes my brain hurt, I HAVE NO IDEA. It could be any of the films posted above, so I’m gonna go with a film that no one mentioned yet “The Postman Always Rings Twice”.

  26. Haven’t got a clue on which movie it is, but just to put in a comment to give my big admiration on your work. I would love to see more of your work around creating your amazing artwork.

  27. ..Actually, there is a version of Orson Welles “The Stranger” in production at the moment (is it completed yet and ready to be released on March 17th in London ???, maybe).
    It will be directed by Joseph Ruben.
    So I will stick with The Stranger for my selection….for now.
    Orson W. got around 50,000$ for this movie back in 1946.
    With the inflation factor ( ) , Joseph R. should receive around 590 000$ for if he gets paid the “same amount” for it.
    BTW, The Stranger did win the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1947.
    PS: Do not place your 1980 salary in that inflation factor calculator to find out what would be your equivalent in 2012 ‘coz you may find out that you are presently underpaid vs your purchase power of the ’80s.

    • BUT, there is a but, as Malleus constantly has a lady in the picture, The Stranger should not be a great element to be inspired from. I should forget about this one. My second bet (now my first) should go with Beauty and the Beast, where we can find all the elements: 1) Not a scary movie even the Beast can make you scared, 2) the Beauty, to be inspired from for the lady in the picture, 3) a 1946 remake from a multi-talented director Jean Cocteau and 4) a very famous movie, who doesn’t know La Belle et la Bete ?
      Beauty and the Beast, final answer !

      Sorry about the previous post, I do know that you’re all thinking on how you will get to your employer on Monday morning and try to show these maths from the calculator to get a salary increase this week, in order to catch up with the inflation and get a real salary raise.

  28. the stranger of Orson Wells.
    like people that look at us (that love your art) and think we are strange!!! And we sing the Doors song : people are strange !!!!

  29. I have no idea what the movie is, but I just want to say I really love reading your blog (even though I never comment) ^_^

  30. Guys.. the week is almost over (hope we’re still in time) and we spent so much time trying to get this awesome print. In any case, we became the greatest experts in 1946’s movies. Even better than Morandini.
    So, we thought about a “non-horror, but somehow scary” movie. So, let’s include COURAGE OF LASSIE. You can easily be scared by its ugliness. And if you have the terror of dogs is even scarier! No one mentioned LURED by Douglas Sirk with Boris Karloff. The description fits, serial killer in it, someone must have died, so let’s put it in the cart.
    Than, the director was a multi talented guy, famous not only for movies. The description fits Orson Welles perfectly, and Nazis are bad and scary, so THE STRANGER is an option, let’s tip it! But they say Douglas Sirk is director, actor, screenwriter, editor, Monopoly Champion and moreover he could cook an amazing Bucatini all’Amatriciana. What a talented guy! We keep Lured alive.
    Speaking of cooking, a multi talented director was Sciuscia’s Vittorio De Sica, he had 2 different families (quite a talent..), and for this reason he was able to eat double New Year’s Eve Dinner (in Italy, this is SUCH a talent!).
    But then you say “it’s a very famous movie”. These words cuts our fantasy wings off. We’ll never see a Malleus’ Lassie Poster. Very famous fits only Notorius and The Stranger well. Who the f**k knowed about Lured before?
    So we stick to The Stranger, our final and confirmed answer. Please, don’t make a Lured poster or we have to kill ourselves full of senses of guilt! And now the funny part: The mother asks Pierino to buy some sausages, and he wasn’t able to find it so he cuts his d**k and takes it home, and when all the family enjoyed the meal and the mother asks for more he says “..but you have to wait it’ll grow again!”. HAHAHA..ahah..ha.. omg this isn’t funny at all! It’s self-mutilation, cannibalism and incest! Damn, we should have updated our joke index since elementary school!
    We wrote too much? But you just said you were sad ‘cause there’s nothing to read! You’re never happy, guys!
    Keep doing great stuff! We always follow you, but silently and in the shadows, like lovely stalkers.

  31. Hi! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout
    out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading your posts.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the
    same subjects? Thanks a lot!

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