Once a week…

…I try to write on the blog…
I’d like to make it more frquently but You know, sometimes we’re busy, sometimes I’m lazy, sometimes I like to spend my days playing with my friends and some other times I like to ride my bike.
So sometimes I’m pretty tired in the night to write.
And we’re really working a lot in these weeks.
We’ve just Mono, then a new Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (talking about this below), the last print for the Argento serie, another Movie poster to be announced soon, cover arts (ASG for Relapse and Zolle fr Supernatural Cat), the next Asymmetry festival artwork and then other gigposters coming in the next months…
Moreover we’ve bought a new vacuum cleaner (what a super cool name!) today and it’s been a really tough day cleaning the studio… You cannot even imagine!
But it’s ok, things are good, and like grandmothers always say: when you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything…

So, about the upcoming Jon Spencer Blues Explosion print.
We’ve just realized a run of 200 pieces and we shipped 150 to the band for their european tour starting today in Spain.
Looking forward to meet Jon in Italy, always cool to see them live.
And the last print has been a good challenge.
Jon loves the art of Egon Schiele.
Well… who didn’t?
I remember years ago, Lu and me were in Austria in Tulln, the home town of Egon Schiele, it was a commemorative exibithion and wow! We saw almost all the paintings, drawings and art of the genius. Wonderful.
Just to tell You we love Egon Schiele a lot.
Jon wanted something inspired by him but also by Sci-fi movies such as “The green slime” or “Ufo”.
So we imagined if Egon Schiele was addicted to these things too.
And it’s been fun to work on the new JSBX poster.
And You’ll see, in the next days what we mean.

It’s a 5 colors print on raw paper.
First ink has been a red one.


These ones below are signs people kidnapped by aliens declared to remember.


And second color is a metallic green ink.
A very slimy one:-)



So, I guess You can see something already!
Tomorrow we’ll show You more, don’t worry.
And by the way… we’ve decided from the next posts we’ll start a regular contest giveaway.
So, if You like what we do, if You’d love to have some of our crap or You just have time to waste and You like to read useful things… stay tuned


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  1. Egon Schiele, saw this in Tulln in January 2006. It was Great ! (Did we met back then ?-Marc)
    Another great Austrian artist to check on:
    Gottfried Helnwein

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