It’s a really hectic period here.
We’re working a lot, finishing a lot of things, drawing and playing, printing and listening.
Different things taking us a little out from writing and staying in touch.
We’ve just been in Roma, playing with Ufomammut last week and then we stopped at Ampire Studio in Pistoia.
It’s a totally cool recording studio that our friends of I.C.O. built up last year.
We met and we recorded lots of great things together.
Vibes, a lot of.

Then we’ve just shipped to Mono, the super cool japanese band, the prints for their European tour starting next week.
It’s been a pretty heavy work, we numbered 312 copies and 300 will go to the band.
Then we’ll keep the other 12 for us and our subscribers.
Then a variant version will come later this month.
So, the only way to have a copy of the regular edition will be to go and enjoy Mono live.

Here are some pics of the print.
The idea came from Taka, he wanted something related to stars and universe, so we imagined a woman in a river of stars, sky and earth mixing together.




And the Jpeg.


Hope You’ll like this print.
We’ll be back asap with more news.

Stay tuned


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