Today we’d like to talk with You about the 2013 Subscription.
Last year we worked on subs and it’s been very nice, we had different options and too many things to think about.
This year we prefer to offer a simple and  basic one.
The 2013 subscribers will receive all gigposters (usually about 15-20) plus a T SHIRT and gadgets.
The price will be 700 euro including shipments (posters will be sent flat via express courier).
Payment is divided in 3 installments (February-May and September more or less).
First shipment will be on April.
Second shipment will be in September and third in January 2014.
All posters set in the subscription will have a matching numbers.

If You are interested, please, drop an email to
We’ve only 5 spots left!

Watched 7 psychopats tonight.
Very very nice!

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