Here we are, as promised yesterday, to show You the VAMP variant version.
To be honest, the word “variant” is a little weird if we consider what we are talking about.
Never loved the “variant” word… cause if we think about it, every silkscreen we do here at Malleus already differs from the other one… We totally handprint, we don’t use machinery or automatic presses… we want to differ from a factory.
We do all the printing with our little callous hands!
And this is great.
Or not?
So, let me present You “THEDA”.
It’s a limited edition of 20 pieces only on gold metallic paper.
It’s an homage to the first and only Vamp Theda Bara.


It’s a 2 color print, a black and a transparent ink.



This won’t be in LA at the “Weapon of Choice” show.
But it’ll be on sale on the 12th of January on our Webstore.
And now, time to go and work on the new stuff we’re doing for 2013.
Lots of things coming!

Watched Killing them softly.
Nice one.

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