Finally we’re here to show You the final design of Inferno, the second to last print of the Dario Argento poster serie we’ve worked at with the amazing Dark City Gallery.
It’ll be available starting from the 11th of January 2013 on DCG website.
So, be ready for it.
As always we worked on a regular version and on a variant edition.


One screen and a lot of black ink.


A great result, tough.
Lots of details and lines for this print.



And on silver paper for the variant



Then we hand colored the red snake (the key chain) with red glitter ink.
A long work, but the final result is very nice.



And the regular version looks like this:


While the variant is like this:


Hope You’ll like it.
We do, totally.
Very happy about the colors, the paper, the printing, everything came out cool in this print.
And now, only one is left and it’ll come very soon.

Beside from this, we’re working at a print for the art show in LA called “Weapon of Choice”.
It’ll start on the 11th of january (again!) at 11527 Pico Blvd in LA.
It’s been thought and done by Hero Complex Gallery and You can find more infos HERE

For now, I’ll only tell You that we’ve worked around a character whose powerful weapon was in the eyes, in the face and in what came out of her aura.
Curious? Wait till tomorrow and You’ll see more.

And I’d like to close this long post with a great Thank You to our friends Emily and Gaspard from Paris.
They’re the 2 guys behind the poster art collective called “Arrache-toi un oeil“.
They invited us to join a show in paris on last december, and it’s been a success.
Check on their website above, cause they are working at more exibithions!



Good night. Sleep well.

Watched nothing tonight.
I’m waiting for Django!

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  1. Inferno – masterpiece!

  2. I personally tend to go along with every little thing that has been authored within Room Darkening Shades “INFERNO | Malleus’ Blog”. Many thanks for all of the actual tips.Many thanks-Guillermo

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