We did it. We survived the apocalypse and we landed in a new year.
Honestly I don’t understand all the people doing a party and spreading happiness around with fireworks and such… at the end every year we add to our count is something making us growing older.
So, we should be totally sad.
C’mon. At my 3 let’s cry!
One… Two…
No, no… ok. I was not serious.
Well… I was but it’s ok.
At least it seems that it’s no mre common to throw old stuff from the window at the NYE.
Once it was… ahaha… can You imagine?
Walking in the street and hit by a toilette?

This is not a good starting for the first post of the year.
But what’s coming next will make You happy.
Or at least a part of You.
One of You, c’mon… at least one, please.
We’re here to announce the new Dario Argento poster.
We shipped the finished prints to Dark City Gallery today.
So they’ll be ready very soon.
As some of You will know, we’re talking about INFERNO.
And we took inspiration from this scene of the movie:

So, once we saw it, we took our pencils and paper and we started in working on it.
Then we inked it, we worked at the screens and we started the magical process of preparing the screens.


Then we took red ink and paper (raw blue one for the regular and silver metallic for the variant) and we started in printing.



And this is what came out first.



If You want to see more, just follow this adorable blog.
Have a great 2013!

Watching some italian movies lately.
Tonight “Dramma della Gelosia” by Scola.
With the great Monica Vitti.

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