I didn’t want to miss to write the post number 500 before the end of the World…
Yes, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the 500th time I’m here trying to make You involved in what we do and damn… You don’t care at all.
Is it possible?
500 means a lot of time and effort.
And I haven’t even wrote on stone, so nothing will remain for the ages to come.
And I’ve nothing to say for this post too… it’s quite frustrating.
I could say that we’ve 2 posters on sale on our webstore right now (the new High on Fire and the new Converge).



But it wouldn’t be that much interesting…
So I could tell You we’re printing the new Argento print and tomorrow we’ll unveil and show You more (but I’m sure You won’t care either).
I could tell You soon we’ll enter a new Year, but You’re all trembling there thinking about the end of the World… so it wouldn’t be good.
Or I could tell You Poia and me have bought an hydraulic lift for our bikes and Lu really enjoyed to test it… but who cares again?

So, let’s just be happy cause this is number 500.
And there’ll be more coming (or not?)

Watched a wonderful movie tonight.

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  1. I care. But I want to see a picture of the lift.

  2. Great movie!

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