5 days?

5 days left and then the Mayan thing will happen?
But exactly, what will it be?
And why all these things have to happen when it’s so cold?
Couldn’t we all agree to have the end of the World at least in April?
Silly thoughts.
Bad things happen everyday, so it’s always the end of the World, it’s a relative thing I guess.

But it’s ok, World can end on the 21st, at least we’ll make it to enjoy Converge in Milano in a few days, just before it’ll all gone…
And we’re working on the poster for that night too (not the last one…)
I’m totally happy about it, we love their music.
And we’ve to thanks a lot or friends “The Secret” for helping us in reaching the band.
And by the way, “Agnus Dei”, their last album is rad!
And I’m laughing right now, cause I’m writing about these bands while I’m listening to Lenny Kravitz’ “Just be a woman”… :-)

Apart from this, we’re here to show the brand new High on Fire/Corrosion of Conformity poster for the gig in Santa Cruz on the 18th of December.
So, we were at the second color.
The last one is black!



And this is how it look like!


And the variant


Very happy about this print, must admit it’s a cool, simple one.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, the last 2 prints before Xmas: Converge and the new Dario Argento print!
Stay tuned

This is super. Wish I was swedish and in the right place at the right time…

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