We’re printing a poster for Santa Cruz.
Well, maybe I should say: we’re printing a poster and it’ll go to a show in Santa Cruz.
High on FIre and Corrosion of Conformity on the same bill.
Great gig, it’ll make You deaf, for sure.
But it’s a cool one.
So, we started with 2 different papers.
A raw light brown one for the regular version and a dark grey one for the variant.
And we used 2 different inks: a gold and a silver.



This will be the variant edition.
And I’m sure You’ll be thinking it’s just a stain on paper…
Please, wait a little, c’mon!




And this is the regular edition.
We did a gold very similar to paper to obtain an effect like “I see… oops, I can’t…”
To explain, something You see only moving the paper.
You’ll understand why…
Have a great night.

Watched the Town.

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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    Santa Cruz is full of Grateful dead lovin hippies and skate rats

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