The Black Keys – Amsterdam

We’re leaving for Torino in a few minutes.
Gonna bring the Black Keys the posters we’ve realized for the show of tonight in Torino and for the one of monday in Amsterdam.
But before going out, in this cold december day, we want to show You the poster for the gig in Holland.
So, let’s go with it!

It’s a 2 color print on raw cream paper, black and metallic red inks. Run is 230 pieces and 140 will be on sale during the show in Holland.
We’ll have about 50/60 copies on our webstore from next tuesday, random time.
I guess it’ll be afternoon european time.
This is the link to follow: HERE.


We did black color first.
It’s also written in the print, if it’s not clear…




Then we prepared a supercool metallic red ink and we printed the second part.


And I must say the result is exactly what we were looking for!


Now it says the Black Keys :-)



And this one below is the final result.


So, now we can go to Torino.
We showed You what we wanted to share with You and so we’re happy.
Remember: if You’re interested in the Black keys prints, they’ll go on sale next tuesday, december 4, HERE.


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